Great Montreal Cosmetics Companies

Montreal is a city that has long been known for its amazing sense of style, in all facets of life including fashion, architecture and interior decoration. Montreal is also known for something else though-its ridiculous amount of beautiful women of all shades, heights and sizes. It can be no surprise then that a city full of ladies armed with beauty secrets is home to several local cosmetics companies. Here is a list of homegrown makeup and cosmetics brands whose products are worth trying.

Kode Cosmetics

Women with darker skin tones have long complained about the difficulty of finding affordable makeup at drugstores and big-box retailers. These women quickly learn to head straight to the higher end makeup counters and pay higher prices if they want to have the flawless look they are looking for.

Launched in 2015 in Montreal, Kode Cosmetics aims to provide high quality cosmetics to women of all skin tones. They promise to deliver bold, edgy, and rich colors at a price that will make any woman’s budget happy. Kode Cosmetics can be purchased through their website.

Zorah biocosmétiques

Argan oil has known a huge popularity around the world in the last few years. Also known as Moroccan oil, it provides many benefits for the body and hair. Long before this cosmetic oil became trendy, however, Montreal company Zorah biocosmetiques chose to base its entire makeup and cosmetics line on golden liquid.

All of Zorah’s creams, lotions, and makeup are developed ecologically, with fair trade and organic ingredients being their top concern. This Montreal-based cosmetics company has been winning awards since it started in 2003. Zorah cosmetics can be purchased through their website as well at local retailers across Canada.

Shmink Cosmetics

Headquartered on Decarie Blvd in Montreal, Shmink Cosmetics was started by an experienced makeup artist who knew he had the knowledge to create a makeup line that really suited the needs of his clientele.

There are over 30 different product lines offered by this local company. Of special interest, women can benefit from professional training through Shmink Academy, where they learn to apply their own makeup like pros. Students receive many advantages such as free makeup applications and eyebrow shapings. Shmink makeup can be purchased on their website and at their counter on Decarie Blvd.

Dot and Lil

People are more and more mindful about what they choose to eat, and there’s an equally large movement concerning what they put on their bodies. Montreal cosmetics company Dot and Lil caters to a clientele that craves natural goodness to keep their skin nourished and soft.

Their handmade skin care products include bar soaps, body butters, bath milks, lip gloss and perfume oils. In addition to cosmetics, Dot and Lil also offer a range of handcrafted soy candles, 100% cotton towels, and vintage porcelain dishware. Their products can be purchased on their website and at local retailers throughout Canada and the USA.

I hope this article helped you discover local Montreal beauty brands you’ve never heard of before, and that you were inspired to go out and give them a try. You’ll be happy you did!

Holiday Beauty: Make Up and Cosmetics Tips

The holiday season are just around here, so now is the time to assess your beauty and skin-care need. To make sure that your looking and feeling are very best inspiring of your appearance for Christmas activities, events, family get togethers, and New Year’s Eve parties.

Make this holiday season for a personal checklist of things you can do, such as getting your hair restyled and makeup updated, so that you will not look like a creature from another era.

Here you will find the beauty, make up and cosmetics tips for your look and feel gorgeous during the holidays and throughout the winter season.

CLEANSING the skin properly, especially the face, is fundamental to good skin care. Oil-based makeup, which is preferred by those with drier complexions, should be removed with oil-based cleansing creams. Never go to bed without removing your makeup and thoroughly cleansing your face.

BEFORE makeup is applied, moisturizer should be applied to the face and neck after thorough cleansing. Moisturizers will keep you looking younger with smoother skin. The best time to apply moisturizer is right after you wash or shower, when the skin is damp and the moisturizer can seal in the moisture.

FOUNDATION is very important to one’s overall beauty. Foundation is used to enhance the color of the complexion. Choose a foundation to match your skin tone. Using the right foundation makes your skin look flawless and smooth. Choose the shade closest to your skin tone by testing it on your jaw line. When applying the foundation, be sure to blend it into the hairline and neckline to achieve a consistent tone. Set the foundation by brushing it with loose powder that matches the foundation and the color of your skin.

LIPS especially take a beating during bad weather. A good lipstick will moisturize the lips and shield them from the sun without interfering with the final sheen or finish of the lipstick. Keep your kissers moisturized with vitamin E oil, petroleum jelly or a lip balm or gloss.

NAILS that are beautiful certainly will enhance your overall festive appearance. Our nails are designed to protect the fleshy fingertip and help us manipulate small object. Remove dirt lodged underneath nails. Nails are polished with a buffer. This improves blood circulation and gives nails a shine. Two coats of nail polish and a topcoat later.

MEN should make sure that they always look well-groomed, especially during the holidays. A man should be stylish and elegant in his dressing. If you wear a beard, it should be neatly trimmed. Mustaches should also be trimmed. Trim nails and scrub hands if necessary. Good dental hygiene means a dazzling smile.

Top Beauty Products and Cosmetics

Cosmetics or most popularly known as beauty products is used to enhance the appearance of the human body. The use of cosmetics can be traced back to the time of the Egyptians, around 3500BC. They were the first people to use beauty products to enhance and give detail to every part of their face. During this time, people who enhance their look by using beauty products are considered royal blood. However, due to lack of clinical and scientific studies the beauty products often used during this era contains poisonous mercury and lead which sometimes causes death to the user.

Today, its widely used by men and women. Also, the scope of these products has also widened as it not only enhances the look but prevents and cures any skin disorders as well. There are a variety of beauty products known today. However, even if some of the products are formulated for men majority of the users are women.

Known beauty products are as follows:

For enhancing the color, shape and outlook of our lips – lipstick, lip gloss, lip plumper, lip balm and lip booster are known and available.

For our face and facial skin – Anti aging cream, foundation, and make up.

For our eyes and the skin around the eyes – Eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, anti eye wrinkle cream and eyebrow pencils.

There are also ones which are considered eco friendly. All ingredients added to this product are natural. Also, it shows that these are not tested on animals and are hypoallergenic.

Top beauty products are based on the kind of ingredients it contains. Even there is an assurance from skin care companies that it has been tested and guarantees that it is safe to be used there are still plenty of products coming out that are composed of non synthetic ingredients. Usually, those that are made from natural ingredients are the ones that are on the top lists today. Also, many users prefer to use those that are from natural ingredients because it assures good results and may not add more damage to the skin than chemically composed products. Beauty products usually have ingredients such as Argan Oil, Acai, Goji Berries, Blueberry and many more. In skin care, the common ingredients are CoQ10, Cynergy TK, Green Tea and other natural ingredients.

Beauty products are a great help for us today. However, never jump into purchasing one without consulting professionals or experts in order to learn if the ingredients included are suitable for the skin.

The Leading Brands in Natural Skincare Products And Makeup

The cosmetics industry is big business with global profits in 2017 forecast to reach $265 billion. With skincare products and cosmetics making up 36% of that vast market lets take a look at some of the leading brands developing natural skincare and makeup ranges and used by professional beauty salons and beauty therapists.

Environ is a globally recognised and highly respected brand that offers products built on a foundation of science, beauty and care. Environ cosmetics cannot be purchased directly, they are only available via a network of approved and trusted beauty salons that believe in their ethos. Environ products are only recommended to a client following a detailed consultation with an Environ Skin Care Professional and the unique Step-Up System helps clients skin adjust to an increased dosage of vitamins and nutrients to produce visibly healthier skin for all ages and skin types.

Jane Iredale believes that the most beautiful makeup you can wear is healthy skin and so the products she has developed are a true extension of skincare. The Jane Iredale cosmetics range is not just another brand sitting alongside all the others, it’s a totally different technology that’s so effective it’s recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, skincare professionals as well as being worn by celebrities all around the world. Free from parabens, fillers, synthetic dyes and artificial fragrances and based on minerals the texture of Jane Iredale cosmetics is lightweight making it incredibly kind to and gentle on your skin producing a healthy, natural look.

An aAdvanced Nutrition Programme produces healthy skin from within by developing a range of scientifically proven supplements that support the skincare regime recommended by your professional beauty therapist. The Advanced Nutrition Programme is not like any other supplement range on the market. Each pack contains a combination of vitamins, minerals and other special nutrients that are designed to ensure the perfect synergy between products across the range. The products contain ingredients in forms that are easily absorbed by the body and there are no artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners – only the most natural components available are used to help maintain vibrant health and glowing skin.

RevitaLash is a range of eyelash cosmetics dedicated to enhancing natural beauty and renewing the vitality of your eyelashes. Each product within the RevitaLash range uses botanical ingredients coupled with an advanced scientific formula, these products are purposefully designed to boost your best features, creating an environment where natural beauty can flourish.

Discount Skincare and Cosmetics

Consumers spend a fortune of expensive skin care and cosmetic products with the high hopes these products will help improve their appearance quickly and easily. These products hold many wonderful claims including a more youthful appearance, a reduction in lines and wrinkles… the list could go on and on. The question is are these products really worth the price tag and how many times are women disappointed?

The dream is that by spending more money on lotions and potions you can stop the cruel reality of ageing and even after a hard week at the office not appear quite as worn out and tired as you really feel. However, may I be daring and question these grand claims. I feel that by women spending money on expensive skincare and cosmetics that are really buying into the ‘cosmetic ideal’ and a marketers haven – feeding the brands hunger for cash and the consumers hunger for perfection.

I question, are brands really selling these products as a substitute for cosmetic surgery? I say this because so many claim to achieve the same results. I believe they are and I don’t think its fair – you can not get something that requires knives, surgeons and a large overdraft in a face or body cream. The shocking fact is many women think they can and that’s why these products are so popular.

I think it’s time women celebrated who they are and instead of seeking products to change them why not embrace who you? Instead of buying product to try and change your appearance buy products that suit and flatter – and at a price you can afford. Discount beauty stores offer women a choice of popular cosmetic brands for a fraction of the price they retail for on the high street.

These discount cosmetic websites stocks products that celebrate the creativity and happiness makeup can bring to women and also offers free beauty tips and tricks, DIY beauty treatments and trend reports to keep women up to date with the latest beauty trends.

Women only have to look as far as YouTube for inspiring DIY skin care treatments that are just as effective as a £30.00 bottle of anti-wrinkle cream. Famous YouTube gurus such as Michelle Phan have kept millions entertained on with her wild and wacky DIY beauty alternatives. On one occasion we witnessed her using her own cats litter to create a face mask, yes that’s right cat litter! Its time for women to embrace their beauty and save their money on the things that really matter. Memories are whats really important, so grab some girly friends and have a pampering night trying out some DIY hair and face masks – you will feel wonderful and be glad you didn’t spend your hard-earned cash on expensive products that include the same ingredients you will find in your cats litter tray!